50 Way To Reverse Prediabetes

Here is my list of 50 ways to reverse prediabetes & balance your blood sugar.

Ideally, this is what’s supposed to happen.
You eat something…a nice meal or a snack.
The food gets digested into parts.
One of these parts is glucose (a type of sugar).
The carbohydrates that were in that meal/snack get broken down into a form of sugar called glucose.
The glucose leaves the digestive system and enters your blood stream.
Your pancreas reacts to this new glucose in the blood stream and releases insulin to escort it into your cells where the glucose is used for energy.
Your glucose should now be on its way to your cells to be used up as energy.
Think, the usher at the Theatre escorting you to your seat.


”Here you go Miss, allow me to take your seat.”
Now our cells, muscles & brain have glucose for energy.
We feel good and all is right with the world.
That is what’s supposed to happen.



In our case, it isn’t quite working out that way.  When you have prediabetes, borderline diabetes or high blood sugar, one of two things could be happening:
  1. Either your body isn’t producing enough insulin
  2. Your cells are insulin resistant. It’s like your cells are unable to respond to the insulin
Without insulin escorting glucose into your cells, it gets backed up in your blood….and that’s where the problems begin.
Insulin is a hormone made in our pancreas, and its job is to control the amount of glucose in our blood and escorts it into our cells.
Think, back to the example with the Usher at the Theatre


“Sorry, we don’t have enough Ushers to take you to your seat?  Everyone please wait here in the lobby?” 


Or your cells just aren’t responding to the insulin.  It’s unresponsive.


”The Usher is willing and able to take you the theatre, but the doors are locked and can’t get in.”  
So now, the Usher calls several other Ushers over to help unlock the theatre doors, but they still can’t get in.  Now there’s a huge crowd in the lobby, waiting to get into the theatre.
So now, your pancreas is working overtime to try and compensate for the high levels of sugar in your blood.  It sends more insulin out there to get that extra glucose into the cell (unlock the theatre doors).
Still no luck.
This is insulin resistance.
We don’t feel so good and all is not right with the world.
Without insulin shuttling glucose into your cells, it starts to pile up in our bloodstream and spills it in our urine.  Now our cells, muscles & brain have no glucose and that means our cells have NO energy.



Being diagnosed with prediabetes puts you on the slippery slope to Type 2 Diabetes.
We’re going to do everything we can to stop it in its tracks  and get your blood sugar levels stabilized and under control.
Diet is key to keeping your blood sugar levels stable and balanced.


Here’s my list of 50 ways to Balance your Blood Sugar & start Reversing Prediabetes

  1. Yes to fruit, No to fruit juice


  1. Breakfast

The Most important meal of the day (you saw that one coming right?)


  1. Avoiding Added Sugars

Keep your eye on food labels for words that end in “ose” e.g. glucose, sucrose, maltose, fructose.


  1. Maintain a healthy weight

Time to lose a few pounds…studies show that simply losing 5-10% of your body weight is a great start to getting your blood sugar under control.


  1. Cut back on the Cupcakes

Cupcakes used to be for special occasions. These days, people are eating them every day.  Why?  What happened?  What are we celebrating?
When did eating cupcakes become an everyday thing?  Cupcakes, cakes, cookies and anything really high in sugar needs to be limited.  


  1. Give the drive thru a break

The more junk food we eat, the more we seem to weigh.  Let’s try eating a little less junk food and a whole lot more “real food”.


  1. Portion Control

When did muffins become the same size as a newborn’s head?  Bigger isn’t better.  Put that over sized muffin down.


  1. Keep those cells in tip top shape

You’re familiar with
You are what you eat.
I like to say…
Your CELLS are what you eat.
Your cells need the right nutrients to keep them in great shape so they can be ready when insulin comes a calling with its passenger glucose.  Cupcakes, pizza and soda don’t make for healthy cells.  Your cells need nutrients found in real food.


  1. Size Matters

When did dinner plates become the size of a vinyl record? For those of you not familiar with what a record is, click here.  It’s a fact, the larger the plate, the more you will eat.  In this case, size matters, use a smaller plate.


  1. Avoid High Fat foods


  1. A little less grain and a lot more green

It’s ok to have grains, they’re not all bad, as long as you’re eating the right amounts.  Always choose whole grain & have them with vegetables, preferably green ones.


  1. Go Low

Low Glycemic that is.  Aim to choose foods that are low on the glycemic index and that won’t spike your blood sugar.  Our goal is to have sustained energy throughout the day and we can do that by eating foods that are slowly released into our body.


  1. Go Raw

Enjoy your nuts, seeds & as many vegetables as you can, in the raw form, who says you have to cook everything?


  1. Curl & Squat

I feel great after a workout.  Studies show that weight training can reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes.  Just 30 minutes, a day a couple of times a week and you’ve got this thing beat.


  1. Walk on by…

The centre aisles of the grocery store.  Spend the majority of the time shopping the perimeter of the grocery store.  That’s where the fruit, veggies & protein are.  You know what’s in the centre aisles?  Prepackaged junk.  Ok…the canned beans & oatmeal are there too.  It’s ok to buy those.


  1. Snacks

Keep the snacks close at hand.  Eating every few hours keeps your blood sugar levels stable.


  1. Chill out

Stress is a killer.  Literally.


  1. Just say NO to Soda & Sugary drinks

Water, herbal teas, unsweetened nut milk, coffee, anything that is unsweetened, is alright with me.


  1. Eat Carbs

Choose healthy carbs. Fruit, sweet potatoes, large flakes oats and quinoa are just a few of the many healthy choices out there.  You want carbs that slowly release glucose.  Try your best to limit white flour & white sugar.


  1. Eat protein with every meal

Whether it’s eggs or leftover dinner meat, or a protein shake, make protein your first pick when your sit down to eat. This will help keep your blood sugar nice and balanced.


  1. Eat more F.A.T.

Our bodies LOVE fat. Our brain is made up of mostly fat.  Our cell membranes are made of fat.  Our hormone production relies on fat.  Include healthy sources of fat in your diet.


  1. Go to Sleep

Studies show that sleep deprivation has been shown to lead to impaired insulin action.


  1. Gimme an “F”, Gimme an “I”, Gimme a “B”, Gimme an “E”, Gimme an “R”

Couldn’t help it, I used to be a Cheerleader.
Fiber is your friend and you probably aren’t getting enough of it.  To keep things (ahem) running smoothly, it’s important to include fiber.  A high fiber diet, keeps you full and helps to keep your blood sugar balanced.  Aim for beans, veggies, oats and quinoa.  Studies show that it helps to lower cholesterol too.


  1. Cut back on the booze

Two reasons a)– extra calories b) – it has a negative effect on your blood sugar.  Cut back, not give up, unless you want to. I myself quite enjoy a glass of red wine from time to time.


  1. Go Nuts

Studies show that as little as 2oz of mixed nuts per day can help to control blood sugar.  Here’s a study about the benefits of pistachio nuts.


  1. Whole Grains

Are just that – whole and intact.  Think of a whole grain as a set of triplets.  Their names are Bran, Germ & Endosperm. You wouldn’t separate triplets would you?  A whole grain includes the bran, germ and endosperm.  Refined grains only keep the endosperm, we need all 3.


  1. Flax, Hemp, Chia

Sprinkle them on everything, as often as possible – they’re great sources of fibre.


  1. Start Moving & Grooving

By that I mean exercise.  Our bodies were not meant to binge out on Netflix for hours at a time.  We’re meant to move.  Adding 150 minutes a week of exercise can help.


  1. Spice It Up

Add a pinch, dash or sprinkle of cinnamon on everything and anything.  Studies show, that this naturally sweet spice can help keep blood sugar stable and this is good news if you crave carbs. Sprinkle some on your breakfast or try it in your cup of coffee.


  1. Drink your vegetables

Blend them in your smoothies & puree them in your soups


  1. Reduce Animal fat

Some studies show that fat, in animal products and oils interferes with insulin’s ability to move glucose into the cells.  This doesn’t mean you have to become a vegetarian, unless you want to, but consider limiting the amount of animal fat in your diet.


  1. Stop using fake sugars


  1. No “instant” anything

e.g. instant soup, instant potatoes, etc.  There are strange ingredients in these types of “quasi foods” and they’re usually high in sugar.


  1. No “diet” food, “fake” food or “lite” food.

We’re only interested in eating the real thing.  Same as above.  They do strange things to these “quasi foods” to make them “diet” & “lite” and usually it’s to our detriment.


  1. Use lots of seasonings and spices to jazz up your food

This way you can cut back on extra fat


  1. Be suspicious, be very suspicious…

…of anything screaming a claim on the front of it.  Ever seen a “lite”, “gluten free” or “cholesterol free” label on an apple?


  1. No Fat-Free

There’s no way a fat-free slice of cake is better for you than eating an avocado.  Ever wonder what they do to make that cake “fat-free”?


  1. Cut back on fried foods

Instead bake, boil, steam or maybe even flambé.


  1. Avoid processed foods

e.g. white pasta, white rice, white flour, white sugar
Anything overly refined and processed, usually means it has a negative effect on our blood sugar and is probably missing fiber and lots of other important nutrients.


  1. Choose lean cuts of Protein

Protein is fine, it’s all the extra fat that sometimes comes along with it, that can be troublesome.


  1. Eat colourful foods

This forces foods like bell peppers, asparagus, black berries, tomatoes & sweet potatoes to land on your plate.  Ever tried a purple cauliflower?


  1. Coconuts

Every day, in every way – experiment with coconut sugar, coconut oil, coconut flour, coconut milk, coconut aminos, coconut syrup, coconut butter.


  1. Drink These

Great choices include water, nut milk, tea & a little red wine from time to time.


  1. Sweeten things with fruit

Replace sugar and try using fruit to sweeten things e.g. blueberries or applesauce


  1. Omega 3s – every day

Those cell membranes I mentioned earlier, they love Omega 3s.


  1. Eat these healthy fats

Olive oil, Avocado oil, Coconut oil, Hemp oil, Flax oil, Fish


  1. Ditch these bad fats

Trans fats


  1. Just a handful

Eating a handful of seeds does the body good.  Make sure you enjoy them raw, not roasted, salted or covered in sugar


  1. Eat whole foods

Don’t mess with Mother Nature. Eat whole foods and ditch the refined, processed stuff.


  1. What size is your plate?

Now that you have a new plate, make sure half of it is always covered in veggies.  Steak and potatoes for dinner?  No problem.  Make sure that
  • ½ of the plate is covered in beautiful veggies
  • ¼ for the steak (protein)
  • ¼ for the potato (starch)


  1. Food First, Supplement Second

Supplements to consider include Chromium, Lipoic Acid, Gymnema, Berberine, but there’s no point in using supplements, if you’ve haven’t started making changes to your diet.  Food First, Supplement Second.


  1. Yes to Cookies, Dessert, Chocolate & Popcorn

Just because you have prediabetes or borderline diabetes, doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy cookies and dessert.  Don’t eat them too often and even better, take the time to make homemade cookies and desserts – they taste way better than the commercially prepared ones.
If you have a craving, indulge with a small piece.  No one said having prediabetes means going through life without ever eating a cookie again.
If you want a piece of chocolate, skip the cheap crappy artificial stuff and enjoy a small piece of real, good, chocolate.  Prediabetes doesn’t mean deprivation.


  1. Skip the sugar free gummies, cookies and “diabetic” drinks.

Ever wonder what they put in that stuff to make it taste that way?  I’d rather you eat a small piece of something real instead of something fake.


OK…I know I said 50, but I couldn’t help but squeeze those last ones in.  Want more information?  Check out What is Prediabetes?


Now, I’d like to hear from you!
Do you have anything else to add to my post “50 Ways To Reverse Prediabetes & Balance Your Blood Sugar?”  Feel free to send me an email or leave a comment in the Facebook Group.

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11 Tips To Reverse Prediabetes

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