Confused about what to eat, what not to drink and wondering if you can ever eat bread again?  Get ready to say Goodbye to Prediabetes.

I get it, I’ve been there.


  • You want to lose a few pounds, eat real food and have your doctor tell you “Congratulations, your blood sugar has come down.”
  • You want to enjoy meals with your friends and family, still be able to enjoy the occasional piece of bread and finally wrap your head around this “prediabetes” thing & what it really means
  • You want to stop worrying about diabetic complications, stressing about everything you eat and get back to enjoying life like you used to


Right now, that’s just not your reality.  You have Prediabetes.
I know.  It’s challenging.  You don’t know what to eat, you don’t know what makes your blood sugar go up and you’re not sure if you’ll ever eat a piece of birthday cake ever again.

My Grandmother had Diabetes, my Mother has Diabetes and I refuse to be next.

You have Prediabetes and have no idea where to start.  Can you eat carbs? How many? Which ones?
  • You stand in the bread section of the grocery store trying to figure out if you should buy whole wheat, whole grain or maybe just stick to the white stuff and eat half a slice at a time
  • You’re tired of the conflicting information. You’ve heard about white sugar, brown sugar and stevia, but what the heck is stevia anyways?

You’re confused, frustrated, a little hungry and don’t know where to start.

The cycle can be broken

In case we haven’t met yet, my name is Andria Barrett & I’m a  Culinary Nutritionist & Personal Trainer.  I help people reverse prediabetes, drop a few pounds without eating fake food, sacrificing taste and spending hours at the gym.
I’m also the daughter of a Diabetic, granddaughter of a diabetic and have said Goodbye to Prediabetes.

Now it’s your turn.
Like YOU, my blood sugar was headed in the wrong direction and Prediabetes was scary.  I put the brakes on high blood sugar, reversed it and you can too.

After learning how to eat less sugar, my life has never been sweeter.
As a Culinary Nutritionist and Personal Trainer, I work with people who want to:
  • Lose weight, feel great and reverse Prediabetes
  • Say goodbye to sugar confusion, carb distortion and fear of eating fat
  • Look at a restaurant menu or potluck table and choose foods with confidence knowing their blood sugar won’t go sky high
  • Learn to make meals without fancy ingredients, fancy equipment or “superfoods” that you’ve never heard of before

My goal is to give you a better understanding of what impacts your blood sugar.
I believe in the power of food and that you can reverse prediabetes.
What goes up, can come down.  Because when you learn what to eat, when to eat and how to eat, you’re going to lose weight, reverse prediabetes and enjoy the fabulous life you were meant to live.s

Get ready to say Goodbye to Prediabetes

As we work together, I want to teach you to question food labels, hard to pronounce ingredients and think about why “diet” food is making us fat.

Ready to get started?

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Let’s get started.

We’re in this together & I’m cheering you on,

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Reversing Prediabetes


There is a link between the food that you eat and the way that you feel. Food has an incredible effect on your blood sugar.

You want your Kids to eat better, your Parents to live longer and YOU want to live to be 100. Me too.


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Prediabetes NutritionistAndria Barrett is a Culinary Nutritionist, Personal trainer and the daughter of a Diabetic who will teach you how to keep the disease out of YOUR family. There are over 20 million people living with Diabetes and she is on a mission to reverse that number.  She helps people reverse prediabetes so they can get off the one way train to Type 2 Diabetes.