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“Her infectious, loving personality is coupled with her extensive knowledge. Andria is a Master at her craft. Watching her attend to my mother’s issues/illness brought me joy, put me at peace and gave me hope. Her skill set is second to none.”
– Maria D.

“The session was a great eye-opener, the speaker was wonderful, delivering a strong message in a short timeframe.”
– Lunch & Learn, Esso/Imperial Oil

“Enjoyed the fact that we got to participate by either trying something or helping with the demo.”
– Lunch & Learn, Esso/Imperial Oil

“Very informative and interesting. Lots of suggestions for future use.”
– Lunch & Learn, Esso/Imperial Oil

“Before working with you, I had never eaten an avocado before, let alone know how to peel it and what to do with it. The basics that you taught me have made cooking for my new family so much easier. Thank you.”
– Stephanie W.

“Delicious. Thank you!”
– Ashley B. 

“Andria, you made it so easy, especially since we both have a parent with Diabetes. I thought that it ran in the family and that my diagnosis of it would be inevitable. You’ll be happy to know that I’m completely off white flour and white sugar. Thanks for teaching me about coconut oil and coconut sugar.”
– Sasha M.

“The road to replace my comfort snacks has been a hard psychological thing to overcome. With Andria’s suggestions and positive reinforcement I made the transition from eating cookies and items loaded with sugar to broccoli, carrot sticks and celery as snacks.”
– Robert S.