Diagnosed with Prediabetes


This article is part of the series Diagnosed with Prediabetes, Now What?  If you’ve missed an earlier part, click below:
Part 1: What is Prediabetes?

Prediabetes Symptoms

Most of the time, there are no signs and symptoms of prediabetes.  Prediabetes is referred to as a Silent Condition because there are usually no symptoms.


What Causes Prediabetes?

Although researchers haven’t found the cause for Prediabetes, there are some risk factors:
  • Carrying excess weight
  • Lack of physical activity
  • Age (45 years or older)
  • Family history
  • Ethnicity (Latinos, Hispanics, Africa-Americans are at higher risk)


Think of prediabetes as your body giving you a warning sign that there is potential danger up ahead.
Here is a short clip from the Early Show about Prediabetic Warning Signs.


Prediabetes & Your Pancreas

The pancreas is my favourite organ, because it keeps my blood sugar stable.  It’s a funny looking thing and it’s located behind your stomach. The pancreas plays an important role in blood sugar balance.  It helps our bodies maintain stable blood sugar levels by producing insulin.  When sugar enters our blood stream, insulin is released from the pancreas to control it.


 Prediabetes & Your Pancreas

Prediabetes Medications

You may or may not be on medication.  There isn’t a specific medication for prediabetes.  There are many medications for Type 2 Diabetes and you may have been prescribed one.  Metformin (Glucophage) is a drug that is often prescribed for Type 2 Diabetics, to help increase their body’s sensitivity to insulin.
Metformin works by decreasing glucose production in the liver and increasing glucose uptake by muscles.


Prediabetes Medication

Using Metformin isn’t an excuse to ignore good nutrition and exercise habits.
Balancing your blood sugar and learning the steps to reverse prediabetes is a 3 step approach:

3 Tips To Reverse Prediabetes

This is an article in the series Diagnosed with Prediabetes, Now What?  Learn more in the next part of the series:
Part 3: Prediabetes Symptoms, Causes & Prediabetes Medications

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11 Tips To Reverse Prediabetes

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