Imagine hearing, “CONGRATULATIONS! Your numbers are good and you no longer have prediabetes.”

You haven’t heard this yet, but you will.
I get it.
It’s frustrating not knowing what steps to take and and what really works.  Confusing too.
Should you be eating the prepacked stuff? What about restaurants?
Will you ever eat a cookie gain?
You’re in the right place.
Using a “Foods Based” approach mixed in with some physical activity, will get you on the path to reversing prediabetes.

Reversing Pre diabetes Nutritionist

Reversing It: 14-Day Kickstart

This is an online 14-day program for people who want to get started on the path to losing a reversing prediabetes.  Meal plan and recipes included.

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This is a 6-week program for people who are ready for a more in-depth program.  Recipes, Meal plans and consultations are included.

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prediabetes diet

Metabolic Prediabetes Program

This is a 6 week program developed for anyone who wants to learn more about how to balance their blood sugar and put the brakes on prediabetes.

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Nutrition Corporate Workshop

Teachers, would you like me to be a guest speaker at your school?

Healthy & Wellness Coordinators, I am also available for corporate workshops, Lunch & Learn sessions and Wellness programs for your workplace and retreats.?

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